Variety is the Spice of Life. Helping and Entertaining People with Game Technology

following the BCS Animation and Games Development SG AGM

Wednesday 2 December 2015

6.30pm for 7.00pm for the AGD SG AGM,
followed by presentation at 7.00pm

Room RM 326, 3rd floor, Reginald Mitchell Building, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0RD
(This is about 5 minutes’ walk from the Southampton Central Station)

This event is free, open to all, but please book through the BCS website, both for BCS members and non-members for arranging refreshments
But please note that only BCS SG members can vote.

Joint with the BCS Animation and Games Development SG, BCS Hampshire Branch, and Southampton Solent University

Ian Hughes, Chair of the BCS Animation & Games Development SG


Why not come along and find out what we’re about and how you can help us and we might help you? And we’ve thrown in an excellent presentation by the Chair, Ian Hughes (Epredator), with what I know will be a stimulating discussion afterwards.

Knowing how to code, create art or music is just one part of the creative process. Epredator shares a few unusual ways his coding knowledge has led to different projects. Helping kids eat healthy food to a first Sci-Fi novel. It’s all the same, just different.

Epredator / Ian Hughes is a metaverse evangelist. He has worked in unusual and emerging technologies in both a corporate setting and out in startup land. He specialises in using game technology, such as virtual worlds to help people communicate and understand concepts. 

Being a techie, and working across many mediums he has used social media since before it was as social as it is now. Blogging and sharing ideas is a core part of who he is. 

Science Fiction is a natural genre and his first book, titled Reconfigure, was spawned from using and developing software for virtual environments.

He was resident super geek on a UK TV show called The Cool Stuff Collective for 39 episodes from 2011-2011. He was able to share his enthusiasm for new technology with the next generation, as well as working alongside a monkey, a cave girl and a host of other characters. In the third series he got to relive his own Saturday morning childhood TV memories by flinging custard pies at people too.