An evening of Metadata

Tuesday 8 February 2011


There were two presentations in this evening session.

Firstly, Keith Gordon, our secretary, talked about his involvement with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32/WG2. This is the working group which is responsible for the development of Metadata standards, principally Metatadata Registries (ISO/IEC 11179) and the Metamodel Framework for Interoperability (ISO/IEC 19763). The talk covered the basic concepts of the current edition of the Metadata Registries standard and then went onto explain that the new edition, which is under development, will include support for concept systems. The underlying principles of the new Metamodel Framework for Interoperability standard were then explained.

Then Ian Woodrow of Atos Origin, who leads the Information Management Service for a government department, presented "Defining a Person Metadata Model to improve data quality". Ian talked about his experience managing person metadata in this government department. The presentation included:

  • What is person metadata?
  • Using the corporate data model to define mappings between a number of unlinked applications.
  • Development of a baseline set of person metadata as a baseline to assess existing and future systems.
  • Differences between national and international standards and those that were actually in use.
  • Using data profiling to improve the development of people, process and technology approaches to improving data quality.

After the presentations there was a lively networking session.

PDF Icon Metadata - its registration and its support for interoperability - Keith Gordon

PDF Icon Defining a Person Metadata Model to Improve Data Quality - Ian Woodrow