Cloud Computing Perspectives

Tuesday 22 March 2011


This was an afternoon where we looked at the current hot topic of cloud computing.

Our first presentation was "Situation normal, everything must change" from Simon Wardley of the Leading Edge Forum. Simon told us that in today's computing world, it can often feel like we are drowning in wave after wave of new trends. This sea of concepts are simply the evolution of our industry from a product to a service based economy. He examined the evolution of technology and why cloud is happening now. He then examined the risks and benefits of cloud, the management challenges this brings, the common misconceptions and provided some predictions for the future. This was a slick presentation that used over 300 slides in just over half an hour and, as a consequence, Simon's full presentation is not available to download, however, a similar presentation by Simon is available to watch on YouTube.

Next up was Mark Saville of OnDemand Recovery with "Backup Made Easy, taking advantage of online recovery services". Mark explained that across organisations of all sizes traditional backup solutions are being stretched beyond their capabilities to deliver adequate data protection. IT Managers are being asked to backup and recover increasing data volumes with stagnant or shrinking budgets and either hybrid or public cloud backup offers a viable alternative. He explained how the data growth and IT recovery challenges facing organisations today can be successfully addressed through optimised and automated secure cloud recovery services.

After the break we looked that the "Legal considerations of cloud computing" with Sam Jardine of Eversheds. He focussed on the legal and commercial issues in contracting with cloud suppliers and the legal issues related to cloud services. Data protection, confidentiality, e-disclosure and TUPE were covered. Sam then looked at Eversheds’ experiences of negotiations of cloud contracts.

The last presentation was "Cloud Computing Case Studies" with Luke Mulekezi of Pengower. Luke presented two case studies which involved development in the cloud. These were a system for a midsized rapidly growing company that expanded into 12 countries in 18 months and a system for 14 local authorities for managing the placement of children in care across the midlands.

After the presentations there was a panel discussion, which was followed by a networking session.

PDF Icon OnDemand Recovery - Mark Savile

PDF Icon Legal consideration of cloud computing - Sam Jardine

PDF Icon Cloud Computing Case Studies - Luke Mulekezi