Data Migration for the BACS Infrastructure Renewal

Wednesday 30 November 2011


Our speaker for this event was Vince Burr of VocaLink.

The UKs bulk / low-value clearing service, BACS, is managed by the BACS Scheme Company and operated under contract by VocaLink. The BACS Services has been in existence since 1968. In 2000 it was decided that the BACS service required a 100% refresh, encompassing systems and platforms, networks, standards, scheme rules and governance, and this was subsequently delivered in a phased programme of activity from 2002 to 2006.

Data Migration was a significant part of this programme, and its careful design and execution was critical to ensuring the continuous and smooth operation of the service during its transition period. The challenges faced included high volumes, poor data quality in the “old” systems, and re-engineered system requirements giving rise to fundamentally incompatible “new”, and “old” data structures.

Vince presented the overall strategy adopted by the programme, and in particular covered how each of the challenges were addressed.

PDF Icon Data Migration for the BACS Infrastructure Renewal - Vince Burr