Data integration at the coal face

Wednesday 15 February 2012


Our speaker for this event was Dr Tim Burnett of Connection Point Technology Ltd, a provider of integration and services particularly focussed on cloud CRM in the public sector.

Through a series of case studies this talk brought out some of the problems that organisations face when they integrate their processes and data. Advances in standards and technology have reduced the cost of many types of integration, yet there are still some intractable areas. Human behaviour, quality of data and change (structural, organisational) can all threaten the realization of the planned benefits.

By talking through the examples the case was made for tackling the difficult issues during the planning of a project. The efficiency gained through process integration can then be assessed and the business case made more robust. Channel shift, mobile commerce and many cloud application projects require process integration. Being able to establish the likely hood of success of the project before it is commissioned avoids expensive mistakes and leads to happy executives.

Tim's presentation is not yet available for download.