Horse meat or beef? Delivering benefits from BI dashboards

Thursday 21 March 2013


We pleased to welcome two of our top national infrastructure companies to give their insight into how business intelligence is used and in particular the techniques and strategies that they have found useful. This view from the industry is complemented by the academic analysis of Martin Douglas of Cranfield University who explanined how to get insight from the data that is presented in your BI tools and dashboards. The computer might say the ingredients are labelled but is the underlying reality horse meat or beef?.

The presentations are available with audio on Slideshare and also on YouTube

  • BI is more than Performance Dashboards - the Insight Piece, Martin Douglas, Cranfield University - SlideShare | YouTube
  • Business Intelligence for Competitive Advantage - Andrew Evans, Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Group - SlideShare | YouTube
  • A 30 year Perspective on Business Intelligence Projects - Derek Murphy, National Grid - SlideShare | YouTube
  • Panel debate - SlideShare | YouTube