Everything you ever wanted to know about Open Data but were afraid to ask

Joint event with DAMA UK

Tuesday 17 June 2014

BCS London, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA | Maps


There are increasing targets for governments and other bodies to use and publish Open Data, which sounds good in theory, but what are the benefits, the challenges and the risks?

This all day event is the annual joint event with DAMA UK and this year is on the subject of ‘Open Data’. It will attempt to answer the question (which paraphrases Woody Allen) “Everything you ever wanted to know about Open Data but were afraid to ask…”

Videos of the event are available on YouTube


1 - Introduction to Open Data - Jacqui Taylor, Flying Binary

Jacqui introduced the concept of Open Data and demonstrated use cases based on her for the Cabinet Office.

2 - Driving Economic Innovation With Open Data - Stuart Coleman, The Open Data Institute

Stuart explained the role of the ODI and provided further examples of Open Data usage in practice.

3 - Data confidentiality and Management - Sam Smith, Medconfidential

Sam gave a very timely update on the management of health care data by the NHS. This part of the event was not recorded due to the release of the Partridge report later that day. The report can be found at www.hscic.gov.uk/datareview

4 - Location, Location - John Murray, GB Group

John provided real examples of how Open Data based on location can be combined to provide new insights. He also provided information on points to be aware of, the differences between different types of location data etc.

5 - Accessing Open Data Sources Using Synthetic APIs - Dominic Dunkley, Kapow

Dominic gave a demonstration of how Kapow's Synthetic API approach can be used to gather data from web sites for use in futher analysis.


Jacqui Taylor, Flying Binary
After implementing a banking regulatory change programme with Web 3.0 tools she co-founded FlyingBinary.

A second year appointment to the Cabinet Office as an Open Data domain expert recognised her as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data.

As a strategic advisor on the next stage of the UK Smart City programme signals the next steps for FlyingBinary and their work on the Internet of Things, a paradigm shift which will change all our lives.

Jacqui trains Advanced Analysts on the Science of Data Visualisation is a regular speaker on Cloud Adoption, Big Data, Smarter Analytics and Profiting from the Web. She has just published her first book Mapping the Future in collaboration with thought leaders in the world of Data Journalism.

A real leader, providing vision and inspiration for teams, empowering them to raise their business to the next level.

John Murray, GB Group
John Murray is a data analyst at identity specialist GB Group plc, based in Chester. He started his career in 1983 as an analytical programmer at Reader’s Digest, working mostly in Fortran. He went on to Lloyds Bank before becoming a founding director of marketing information company NDL, now Acxiom UK. He has since spent many years freelance working on large scale data projects in the public, private and academic sectors for clients including O2, Bank of Scotland, Center Parcs, London Underground, The British Library and Experian.

John holds a degree in Mathematics from Royal Holloway College and is presently a part time visiting lecturer in data mining at the University of Chester. He is a chartered fellow of The British Computer Society.

Dominic Dunkley, Kapow
When Dominic graduated from Oxford University with a degree in computer science he endeavoured on a few roles in the financial world and his natural love of data starting steering him towards Kapow. He has been with Kapow now for nearly 8 years and his skills are not only utilised by their customers but also their product development team.