The Case for Data Management (Webinar)

Date: Tuesday 6 November 2018

Time: 6.30pm - 7.00pm

Webinar, full details to be announced

Julian Schwarzenbach and Glen Vaal


Every year the BCS DMSG reviews the ongoing challenges and new developments facing those working in the data management industry and assembles a team of experts who make themselves available for your questions and discussion. This year, in recognition that our member’s time is at a premium, we are piloting a series of half-hour seminars on subjects of interest, fielding relevant industry experts. The style will generally be “interview” based and those viewing the webinar will have the opportunity to forward questions to the expert(s) during the session.

The series will commence with a more generic topic: the “Case” for Data Management. It can come as a surprise that the domain is surprisingly wide, spanning: technology, security, regulation, governance and integrity with direct impacts on business success (or failure), the functioning of society, health and safety. The presentation will cover the What, Why and How’s of the subject and will be of value to those who are professionals in adjacent IT professions and newcomers to the subject. It will also address career entrance and progression within the industry.

Future subjects will be arranged based on response from our members. Current thoughts include a review of the software market, which is changing significantly in response to NoSQL based data stores and the functional and security amendments required to comply with GDPR regulations.


Julian Schwarzenbach

Julian is an experienced information management practitioner with experience of a range of roles and sectors particularly in utilities and transport organisations. Julian is one of the country’s leading asset information management practitioners and is currently providing strategic support to a number of major infrastructure projects and organisations. Julian is creator and author of ‘The Data Zoo’, which illustrates how different behaviours towards data can affect data quality. Julian is managing Director of Data and Process Advantage Limited and Chair of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group. He is also involved in the development of a range of industry data standards.

Glen Vaal

Until retirement last year, Glen built a successful career as a consultancy business manager, business/IT architect, business analyst, project and programme manager. He has an extensive track record of applying IT with a strong bias to data management to bring significant commercial success and social contribution within both Investment Banking and Public Services, including Healthcare. Glen is the Events secretary for the BCS Data management Specialist Group.