BCS Health and Care in Wales

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BCS Health and Care in Wales aims to promote the Health Informatics industry in Wales, in recognition of the particular challenges faced by the Welsh health sector.

Given the wide range of stakeholders involved in supporting healthcare agendas, we aim to act as a common meeting place and portal for healthcare issues relating to IT.

We work with the NHS Wales Information Service (NWIS) and other healthcare providers, as well as with Universities, Health Informatics companies, charities, patient and community groups.

We also act as a lobbying organization to departments within the Welsh Assembly Government.

BCS Health and Care in Wales has the following objectives:

  • to represent Wales Health Informatics Community (WHIC) on national and international groups to promote and influence health informatics.
  • to act as a consultation mechanism for relevant national and international projects and standards on health informatics.
  • to share good practice across WHIC and emanating from WHIC to the wider health community, other agencies and organisations.
  • to establish links with research, academic, educational, government, industry, charities, patient and community groups.
  • to initiate health informatics projects with appropriate partners.
  • to provide a Welsh health informatics perspective within the Welsh Assembly and UK government initiatives.
  • to support WHIC to promote health informatics at national and international conferences.
  • to support the BCS Charitable objectives.

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