Sending and receiving information using Publish and Subscribe

Tuesday 15 January 2002


Keith Taylor, IBM Hursley  

Room HC025, Southampton Institute, East Park Terrace, Southampton

Keith Taylor is a product planner for IBM MQSeries products. He works at the IBM Development Laboratory at Hursley, near Winchester. His career has spanned many aspects of computing, including hardware design, and software performance. He has also worked on user interface design and programming, and has presented and published several papers on application design and product planning. He has also filed several patents on computer design.

He is a member of BCS, and is a Chartered Engineer. At present he is involved in the planning and implementation of MQSeries, particularly the base product, the use of MQSeries in a mobile environment, and Publish and Subscribe.

Publish and subscribe is becoming increasingly important both inside an organisation, and on the Internet. One product that supports it is IBM's MQSeries, but a number of competitive products are also available in this space, particularly those supporting the Java Message Service, JMS. This talk will cover the principles of sending out information using publish and subscribe, and a look at some of the IBM products available.