Transforming the BCS

Monday 5 October 2009

7pm (Finger Buffet 6.30pm)

Elizabeth Sparrow

Chilworth Manor Hotel

Elisabeth Sparrow is currently Vice-President and will be the next president after the BCS AGM on 4th November. She will be talking about the forthcoming re-launch of the BCS. Details of this will not be available until 23rd September, but it is clear that major changes are being planned, so we felt that it would be great to have the President Elect, Elizabeth Sparrow to be able to discuss the planned changes. I for one, am very interested to hear about all the proposed changes.

Elizabeth Sparrow also is widely known for her books on offshoring, It is open to all (both BCS and non BCS members), CPD assessed, free of charge, but only BCS members can vote at the AGM.

View the presentation from this event (PDF - 1.4 Mb)