How Big Business learned to love Virtual Worlds

Tuesday 12 February 2008

6.00pm for 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Roo Reynolds, Metaverse Evangelist based at IBM's Hursley Park laboratory

Southampton Solent University, The Solent Lecture Theatre in the Sir James Matthew Building, Above Bar Street; Location (Building marked 1 on Map 1)

Organised by the IET and BCS Hampshire Branch.

This event is open to all (both BCS and non BCS members), free of charge, but Pre- Registration Required Please: To register please contact: Richard J Moore, Email:

IBM has long been recognised as an interested player in virtual worlds. We will share how a handful of brave IBMers first began a foray into Second Life and other virtual worlds, and how this grass-roots interest became widespread adoption within the company. What can a corporation expect from getting involved in a virtual world? What about an employee? Expect a lively tour of what's interesting in this space, together with some real-world examples of what's virtually possible.

Roo Reynolds is a Metaverse Evangelist based at IBM's Hursley Park laboratory in the UK and is part of a team which facilitates the use of Virtual Worlds within IBM. All of this work is made all the more enjoyable thanks to a large world-wide community who are learning to collaborate and get things done in totally new ways.

He enjoys exploring and building in the metaverse that is Second Life, uploading his photos to Flickr, keeping his bookmarks on, updating his playlist on Last FM tracking his location on Plazes and what he is doing on Twitter, as well as indulging in any number of other bleeding-edge alpha geek social software type activities. Roo is married to an artist, who tries her hardest to keep him balanced.

As well as writing on he also contributes to, an external IBM group blog.