The Quality of Information and Data

Thursday 28 February 2008

6.00pm for 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Conrad Taylor and Keith Underdown

Southampton Solent University, Location at Herbert Collins, room HC024 Map

Organised by the BCS Hampshire Branch and the BCS Quality Specialist Group.

This event is open to all (both BCS and non BCS members), free of charge, and does not require pre-booking

Poor quality data can damage, embarrass and bring financial loss to government departments, institutions, businesses and their customers. Keith Underdown will illustrate this and identify the typical culprits: Incomprehension, Incompleteness, Invalidity, Inconsistency and Inaccuracy. Why do these errors creep into databases and what can be done about it? Keith will also discuss how data is transformed into information, sometimes misleadingly.

Conrad Taylor will address the issue of quality in textual information (e.g. publications, Web sites). Drawing on his background in publishing, Conrad will explain disciplines and workflow processes that not only catch errors, but add quality to textual information through structural mark-up, tagging and categorisation.

Conrad Taylor is a consultant and trainer in information design and electronic publishing, and is Chair of the BCS Electronic Publishing Specialist Group.

Keith Underdown is a consultant in Information Architectures, including the building of formal data models, the pursuit of Information Quality and the production of information to support enterprise decision making. Keith is also Convenor of the International Association for Information and Data Quality's British Isles Community of Practice.

This event is open to all (both BCS and non BCS members), CPD assessed, free of charge and requires no prior booking.