Influencing with Style

Wednesday 25 November 2009

4.30pm and repeated at 6pm

David Wilson and Jill Dann

Southampton Solent University, ground floor of the Herbert Collins Building, room HC 021, directions and maps at

Joint with the BCS Hampshire Branch, Southampton Solent University, BCSWomen SG, and the BCS Consultancy SG.

Do you know why you find some individuals more difficult to influence and win over than others? Quoting from one recent experience...

"The area I requested we work on was that of political and influencing skills. I believe that the work we carried out has given me a better understanding of my natural approach to influencing, and given me some additional tools and techniques. These will allow me to recognise the styles and techniques being used by others, and give me strategies to appropriately modify my own behaviour. For me this is early days. I need to work on this area, but I feel we have made a useful start."

"I will try to be more tactful and diplomatic before steaming in with an answer. I will listen to stakeholders more and not just nod in agreement. I will tackle my influencing project to gain a positive result from it."

David believes that people stand a better chance of surviving the credit crunch and recession with both their careers and integrity intact if they have the skill to influence, persuade and successfully negotiate with key stakeholders. This has never been of more importance than in organisations today. Whether it is to manage our own career, to negotiate the resources we need, or to influence key customers or suppliers, winners demonstrate a particular set of competencies. So what about exploring your natural influencing style and preferences perhaps come to appreciate why you find some individuals more difficult to influence and win over?

David Wilson

With over 20 years experience in organisations and industry and 4000 professional coaching hours, David has held senior Operational, HR and General Management roles, driving major change programmes in turbulent environments. The breadth of his experience affords him a deep understanding of the difficult issues facing leaders and aspiring leaders in organisations today.

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