From the IBM System 360 to the Itanium and Back again!

Monday 15 October 2007

7.00pm to 8.30pm

Richard Moore FIET, FBCS, CEng, CITP

Southampton Solent University, HC025, ground floor of the Herbert Collins Building. Location map 1

Coffee prior to meeting in HC 016, from 6.30pm This event is open to all (both BCS and non BCS members), CPD assessed, free of charge and requires no prior booking.

This is an 'odd-ball talk' that takes a brief tour of the architecture enhancements to the popular 808x series of processors over the past 20 years to arrive at their pièce de résistance - The Itanium. In contrast a backwards look is taken to the time when IBM made it's monumental break-though in the 1960s by releasing it's first System/360 series of upgradeable processors. Itanuim and S/360 share some remarkable facets of their architecture and in consequence they also share technological challenges.

This is a talk for the programmer or engineer, who understands the principles of programming and has a conceptual view of how high-level languages are translated to byte-codes, which are acted on by the hardware. Just how processors act on byte codes, at least in the case of the S/360 and its successors, may come as a surprise as the covers are lifted on a most remarkable and elegant aspect of computer processor engineering.

Richard Moore is a Senior Consulting IT Specialist and engineer at IBM. He has worked on many different processor architectures and operating systems in is 28-year career in IT. Since 2000, Richard has worked in IBM's Linux technology Centre both as a lead developer for Linux kernel diagnostic tools and an engineering consultant. He was responsible for bringing kprobes to Linux and now working on real-time Linux systems.