BCS Speed Networking

Monday 3 December 2007

6pm for 6.30pm start. Finish at 8pm. Open to men & women, BCS members & potential members. The clubhouse is open until 10.30pm if you wish to stay for a drink after the event. If you wish to eat there is a varied menu available from the bar until 9pm.

Location: Hursley Clubhouse. Directions

Come and join us at the IBM Hursley Clubhouse for the fun of Speed Networking! Organised by the BCS Hampshire branch with BCSWomen.

The evening will start with a drink before the main Speed Networking session. Speed Networking is a formalized way of networking where you will be organised into pairs and given 3 minutes to hold a conversation.

At the sound of the bell one member of the pair will rotate round, so you have a new partner for the next 3 minutes. You will meet approximately 10 people in this way. This will be followed by informal networking where you can continue a conversation with someone you have already met, or meet someone new.

Throughout the evening there will also be BCS local Branch members, who are experienced in the BCS membership processes, on hand to answer any questions you may have on BCS applications and membership upgrades. A small room is available so these discussions can take place in private.

If making use of the BCS Branch members for advice a copy of your CV and your application so far will enable them to provide better targeted advice. General enquiries are also welcome.

This is a free event but numbers are restricted, as is security due to the clubhouse being a members only facility. Therefore booking is essential. Please also say when booking if you would like a discussion with a BCS Branch member.

Please contact Anne Workman - aworkman@uk.ibm.com - to book a place or if you have any questions.

If you are unable to make it on Fri 9th November, there will be a repeat of this event on Monday 3rd December.