Games for Girls

8 December 2005

Between 6.30pm and 8.30pm

University of Southampton, Zepler Building, Seminar Room 1, which is Building 59 on Salisbury Road Map

This is a workshop run by the computer store 'Game' from the Debenhams branch, Southampton.

They are going to demonstrate games that are on the market for girls (age 4 +) in time for Christmas. There will be an opportunity to try the games and speak to people who sell these games on a day to day basis. This is something aimed at everyone who is interested in gaming and to inform parents/grandparents etc about computer games for females. So bring along the kids and have a good time.

It is planned to demonstrate the following games:

Dancing stage - ps2
movies - pc
sims2 - ps2, xbox, gc, pc
sinstar - ps2
eyetoy - ps2
buzz - ps2
ninendogs - nds
mercury - psp
Lumnies - psp
Ape Academy - psp
Tales of Symphonia - gc
Harvest Moon - gc
Zelda Windwaker - gc
Animal Crossing - gc