Bringing History to Life

Tuesday 12 November 2002


Professor David Arnold, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, University of Brighton

Southampton Institute, Herbert Collins Building, HC024

A technical presentation which will describe the work on the EU funded project CHARISMATIC (Cultural Heritage Attractions featuring Real-time, Interactive Scenes, and Multi-functional Avatars as Theatrical Intelligent Characters).

The project sought to populate reconstructions of heritage sites and events with speech enabled avatars capable of interacting with the public. The talk will focus on the work done by the Virtual Environment group at UEA, which was led by Professor Arnold during this project. Their research has two themes;

1) Building models of buildings and sites rapidly, using low cost platforms and application orientated user interfaces.

2) The models produced need to be efficient for real-time rendering of large urban environments at interactive frame rates. To do this the project uses an integrated set of techniques such as ROAM, occluder shadows, scene graph culling, 3D impostors and automated level of detail control using procedural textures.

The talks will describe the project and include examples of applying the techniques to the partial reconstruction of the Greco-Roman City of Butrint in Albania and eksewhere.

In conclusion future directions for the research themes established under CHARISMATIC will be described.