Introduction to Geospatial

What they are about, their role/application, plus the hardware, software and communications elements employed.

Thursday 29 April 2010

6pm for 6.30pm

Dan Rickman

Herbert Colins Building, Southampton Solent University, SO14 0RD | Directions and maps at

Joint with the BCS Hampshire Branch, BCS Geospatial SG and Southampton Solent University

This event is free, open to all, but please book through the BCS

website, both for BCS members and non-members for arranging refreshments

This would also cover:

  • brief history of GIS
  • data issues (which are key in this area)
  • examples of applications in given areas
  • standards
  • geospatial data in the cloud - Google, Yahoo, Microsoft - street view and privacy /neo-geography
  • current and future developments, e.g. (re-)emerging Location Based Services/Augmented Reality

Dan Rickman has worked in the geospatial area for 20 years or so, initially at the Civil Aviation Authority, British Telecom and Deloitte & Touche (as they are now) then as an independent consultant since 1992 working for a large variety of public and private sectors organisations.  Recent clients include Ordnance Survey, Cambridgeshire and

Thames Valley Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue, Transport for London building a range of corporate geospatial systems.  

Dan Rickman is co-author of some OGC (CCTA as it was) guides to geospatial systems and have spoken at national and international conferences about geospatial issues.  Dan Rickman  has also done presentations for BCS, e.g. at the 2006 SG Assembly (there is a recording of the talk available at and also at the BCS Data Management specialist group on Unstructured Geospatial Data.  

Dan Rickman is the Chair of the Geospatial SG and also a member of the BSi committee for geospatial standards

Presentation (PDF)