Linux on the Desktop

Date/Time: Wednesday 16 March 2011, tbc
Venue: City of Chester University, Chester | Map

Linux, a Unix derivative, is well known as a server operating system. It is the most popular choice for Internet servers across the world, critical server systems and is run on over 90% of the top 500 fastest super computers in the world. At the other end, Linux can be found embedded in many of the day to day appliances we use, including eBook readers, mobile phones, TVs and even cars.

In between these two great success stories, Linux has been evolving as a real competitor in the world of desktop computing. Microsoft Windows is a clear market leader, but there is a growing demand for usable, more secure operating systems.

This talk will look at how Linux has evolved as a desktop operating system and will give several demonstrations of the look and feel provided by the latest distributions. It will show how you can use a fast, secure and completely customisable operating system for free!

Speaker Profile

Dan Lynch is a broadcaster, journalist and web developer with a passion for Linux and Open Source software; first encountering Linux while studying for a Computer Science degree at Chester University (then Chester College) in late 2001.

He has co-hosted the weekly Linux Outlaws podcast to a large audience for the last 3 years, meeting and interviewing many of the biggest names in the Open Source world and attending regular industry events. He also co-hosts FLOSS Weekly on the TWIT network, develops web sites with Drupal (an Open Source Content Management System) and has written for many Linux publications and websites. In addition, Dan organised a large International Free Software event called Oggcamp10 in Liverpool in 2010.