Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Medical Mosaic Ltd and BCS-ASSIST

Medical Mosaic Limited LogoMedical Mosaic Ltd and BCS‐ASSIST share the belief that business change is critical to the delivery of improvements to clinical productivity made possible by informatics systems and tools. To this end, Medical Mosaic Ltd will:

  • Provide insight into new informatics thinking relevant to the NHS
  • Provide informatics capability building opportunities
  • Share best practice examples wherever possible with BCS‐ASSIST members and partners
  • Participate in regional and national BCS‐ASSIST events in support of our mutual aims
  • Develop networks to share knowledge with a range of professionals in the NHS.

BCS‐ASSIST will publicly recognise the valuable support provided by Medical Mosaic Ltd to the Health Informatics profession, including at joint events, in its Annual Report to members and at its National Conference. There will also be opportunities to promote Medical Mosaic Ltd events directly to BCS‐ASSIST members via the newsletter and links from the BCS‐ASSIST website. BCS‐ASSIST may use Medical Mosaic Ltd name and logo on the web‐site and in connection with events in the manner approved by Medical Mosaic Ltd.

Medical Mosaic Ltd recognises that achievement of our shared objectives is underpinned by the independence and impartiality of BCS‐ASSIST. Medical Mosaic Ltd will thus not seek to use its relationship with BCS‐ASSIST, including any participation in events, for the direct marketing of any particular commercial services or products, apart from through any agreed stands at events or inserts into delegate packs. Nor will Medical Mosaic Ltd use its relationship with BCS‐ASSIST, or the BCS‐ASSIST logo, for any direct marketing purposes without the specific permission of the Chair of the BCS‐ASSIST National Council.

Specific aims

The aims of the relationship are as follows:

  • Participate in events contributing to the development of BCS‐ASSIST members
  • Sponsor BCS‐ASSIST events, including the annual National Conference
  • Encourage staff to become active members of BCS‐ASSIST.