Invention and Enterprise - Practical Experiences

Innovation and Enterprise - sharing experiences
Getting Ideas to Market

Wednesday 14 March 2012

6.00pm for 6.30pm

HC 021, Ground floor of Herbert Collins Building, Southampton Solent University, SO14 0RD | Map

This free event is open to both BCS and Non-BCS attendees.


Mike Overy and Margaret Ross outlining the activities of WRTI and of BCS, followed by a variety of experts that have all developed idea that have been taken to market, including Ed Vassie describing FineBuild, Nick Whitelegg describing OpenStreetMap from the BCS and from WRTI, John Gibbs describing Tru Post, Jolanda Seabourne describing Pianowand and Joe Silver describing LifeLock.

Joint event with the WRTI (Wessex Round Table of Inventors), Hampshire Branch and Southampton Solent University, as part of the National Science and Technology Week.


The idea is for WRTI and BCS to outline each others' groups activities, and for some members of each group to give their practical experiences of innovation activities.

This should give some pointers of problems encountered and maybe solved, for mutual benefit. Whereas WRTIs examples are more about products, BCSs examples will be more about software and services. It should make for an interesting and varied evening.

John Kinghorn, the WRTI secretary has received information from the BBC about this year's Dragons' Den programme, so anyone requiring further details please ask him at the meeting or via email.