AGM & the Internet of Things

Date/Time: Wednesday 18 September, 7.00pm with a light buffet for 7.30pm start.

 St Davids Park Hotel, Ewloe

Professor Vic Grout


We are hoping to conclude all formal business within the first 30 minutes - informal - questions always welcome. Then our very own Vic Grout will be discussing the 'Internet of Things'.

On the surface, the common notion of an 'Internet of Things'(IoT) is about as boring as it gets! Tag just about anything and everything we can stick a label on, then make the Internet just a massive database of items that can be referenced, connected and used any which way we like. Great if you're into making lists of things or getting the fridge to order the milk for you but hardly inspirational! Two features, however, give the proposed (and not yet fully considered) IoTa serious 'Wow!' factor.

Firstly, the ever-increasing intelligence of the Internet will allow us to manipulate this data in new and exciting ways. More and more, the evolving 'Semantic Web' will be able to understand the information it's working with and make the best use of it for our benefit. Our personal and working lives are about to become completely automated and made easier by Web intelligence!

Secondly, and potentially on the darker side, other hardware and software developments will take this much further. Face-recognition, image-scanners and numerous other advanced detectors and sensors could mean that everything will eventually be able to be read, whether it's deliberately labelled or not. We, and everything we use or own, may soon become part of the 'Real Internet of Things' (RIoT) and we might have to expect to be identified and traced in everything we do!

This talk will outline the basic technologies at work in the IoT(and RIoT), try to guess what the 'Big Connectivity' future will look like and discuss whether we're heading for paradise or 'Big Brother'.

Please join us to interact with the committee - or simply be entertained by us! - either way you would be very welcome.

About the speaker:

Vic GroutVic Grout is Professor of Network Algorithms, Head of Computing and Associate Dean for Research at Glyndŵr University, Wrexham and Chair of the Welsh CPHC. He has worked in senior positions in both academia and industry for over twenty-five years and has published and presented over 250 research papers and four books on Internet technologies. He is a Chartered Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Scientist, Mathematician and IT Professional, a Fellow of the RSA, IMA, BCS and IET and a Senior Member of the IEEE.