Editathons - Ada Lovelace - Festival of Wikipedia continued to add/update/ improve Wikipedia entries of Women In Computing

Monday 9 December 2013

5.30pm for 6:00pm

Ground floor, Andrews building, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0RD.

Arranged jointly with BCSWomen, Open Source SG, BCS Hampshire Branch and Southampton Solent University.

Ada Lovelace was born on 10 December 1815. 

Booking required, as limited spaces, via nick.whitelegg@solent.ac.uk who will confirm your booking, send you joining instructions. We will be using a laboratory, so no need to bring your own equipment

Any technical questions to Nick

Get involved, as a researcher or a techie - this is not just for women - no prior knowledge required


Similar events are also being held in Scotland that week.


If possible, undertake research for information about subjects on Wikimedia's list of women, alive or dead, as role models, to have material (book reference, web page etc) ready for adding to their pages on Wikipedia during the Editathon. If you have any questions , do ask me - there will be some research already undertaken which you could use in the editathon, if you have not been able to bring some.