BCS ASSIST launches Mentorship Programme

We are pleased to announce that BCS Assist will be launching a mentoring programme. The key aims of this programme are to help and advise ASSIST members with their continued professional development by developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance their professional and personal growth. We believe mentoring will:

  • Help develop the next generation in health informatics
  • Facilitate growth by sharing resources and networks
  • Focus on the individual’s development as a whole
  • Focus on professional development that may be outside an individual’s area of work/knowledge
  • Enhance the skill set and knowledge about a specific issue
  • Facilitate the sharing of expertise with others.
  • Help the individual learn more about other areas within health informatics.
  • Help the individual gain from the mentor’s expertise
  • Help the individual develop a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally within health informatics
  • Help the individual learn specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to personal goals

ASSIST will aim to help members find a mentor/trusted advisor. 9 members of the National Council will be able to provide one on one mentoring for an hour each month. Our National Council mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. If you’re interested in getting mentored, please get in touch with the BCS Secretary and let us know who you’d like to mentor you based on their area of expertise. The first 10 people to register their interest will be entered into the mentorship programme.

The following National council members will participate as mentors under this scheme. Their areas of expertise are:

Wendy Dearing Head of Workforce and Organisational Development National Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) is Head of Workforce and Organisational Development with a nursing background. She holds an MSc in Change & Innovation. Her role includes workforce planning recruitment and retention; professional recognition and registration; education and training; career pathways & CPD. She is Chair of BCS ASSIST and has a passion for developing “the next generation” as well developing professionalism across H.I.

Adam Drury is an experienced health informatics and change management professional, with five years consultancy and ten years NHS experience operating at acute hospital, local health community, SHA wide and national levels. Combined with six years’ experience in the academic sector, Adam’s particular areas of expertise include project and programme management, training and development, delivery of organisational change, business cases and strategy development.

Dr Munish Jokhani, Senior Project Manager, Health and Social Care Information Centre, is an experienced clinical informatics professional with background as hospital doctor and master’s degree in IT with breadth of experience of consulting, project/programme/portfolio management and business analysis.

Dave Lang has worked in Informatics for 28 years and is currently the Programme Director at Calderdale & Huddersfield Foundation Trust responsible for the EPR Programme. He has worked in most healthcare settings including Secondary Care, Primary Care, Mental Health and Community as well as the Strategic Health Authorities. He has an in-depth knowledge of NHS systems and structures and a personal network that spans many organisations and services.

Lisa Franklin is the CIO for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. She was previously the managing director of health informatics for a consulting and services company and has extensive experience in public sector information and systems, having worked in the sectors of housing, local government and education before joining the NHS. Her areas of expertise include strategy development, performance management methodologies and the development and use of management information and technology to improve the delivery of health care services.

She has led a number of elements of national NHS IM&T strategy work including the production of supporting guidance for the NHS on IM&T strategy. Lisa also worked with the Prime Minister’s Office for Public Service reform to assess the impact of emerging relationships between SHAs and PCTs.

Adrian Purcell, Head of Service Delivery for Clinical Indicators at Health and Social Care Information Centre. Adrian has worked 12 Years in Retail – Marks and Spencer, WH Smith, 6 Years IT Consultancy, 5 years in Education, 14 years in Health. He’s Qualified Microsoft Systems Engineer, now specialising in Service / Change / Benefits management.