Seeking Enlightment: A Journey of Why, Rather than How with Schalk Cronjé

Tuesday 8 November 2016

6.45pm for 7.00pm start - due to finish at 9.00pm

Ordnance Survey, Explorer House,  Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 0YP | Map

No booking required, but you should join, at no cost, the  Agile South Coast Group.

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Organised by the Agile South Coast, Southampton Chapter, in association with the BCS Hampshire Branch


Is having effective testing really that hard? Are all of the acronyms and terms overwhelming? Are they all brand-new inventions or have they been around much longer without we realising it.

In this talk we return to basics, and look at what is important. We explore some very old publications and writings to see if we lost track in what we doing.

We explore TDD, BDD and value-focused testing as relative new concepts.

This is definitely not the do-this, do-that kind of talk, it will probably leave the attendee with more questions, which is exactly what we want testers to do.

About the speaker:

Schalk Cronjé has been a developer for over three decades, having performed almost every role in software delivery. More recently he’s focused his attention on helping others tackle some of the more problematic and often ill-executed aspects of the development process.

He is a proponent of the importance of both software engineering and craftsmanship within the industry. Schalk is a strong advocate of using systems thinking, holistic stakeholder analysis and impact mapping as well as adequate project estimation and forecasting within the agile mind-set. His practical and passionate approach to training makes for a thought-provoking classroom experience.

A TDD early adopter and proponent of good testing practices within agile environments, Schalk is one of the members of the Agile Testing Alliance steering committee - one of the main Agile Testing certification bodies.

He is a regular speaker on various software delivery techniques at conferences in the UK, USA, India and South Africa. The session start off at 6:45 with Pizza and Drinks to ensure we can use the full two hours, from 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Refreshments and venue kindly provided by the Ordnance SurveyThis presentation is particularly designed for those with experience of using Agile methods.

The Agile South Coast Group meets monthly, every second Tuesday of the month, to discuss topics about the whole Agile Experience within local technical organisations and people in the Southampton / Hampshire area. They use differing Agile techniques to explore the space, and their aim is to spread the best practices and avoid the pitfalls ly applying Agile methodologies within our professional lives.