Lean Coffee - A culture of Kaizen/Continuous Improvement

Tuesday 13 December 2016

6.45pm for 7.00pm start, due to finish at 9.00pm

Ordnance Survey, Explorer House, Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 0YP | Map

No booking required, but you should to join, at no cost, the Agile South Coast Group. Discover more about the event.

Organised by the Agile South Coast, Southampton Chapter, in association with the BCS Hampshire Branch

Presenter: Darryl Sherborne


A culture of Kaizen or continuous improvement underpins Agile, Scrum and Kanban implementations. So it would be good to share stories and lessons learned from our experiences to date.

This session will be run as a lean-coffee style event in the following way.

Everyone offers topics they are interested in discussing by writing them on sticky notes.

Everyone presents their topic as an Elevator Pitch (max 1 minute per topic).

We use dot voting to vote on each of the topics. Each person gets two votes. You can only vote once per topic.

A wall board with three columns (Planned, In Progress and Done) will be setup. All topics/notes will be added to the “Planned” column, with those that received the highest votes at the top.

We'll discuss each topic in turn. Moving the sticky note for the topic into the “In Progress” column when started. The proposer will be asked to explain the topic, then go around the group to give an opportunity for everyone to provide an initial comment, then open discussion. When the topic discussion is finished, we move on to the next one. The topic proposer decides when the topic is done, and moves their card/note to the “Done” column.  

We would expect to discuss 3-4 topics over the space of an hour or so. We will consider time boxing each topic to 15 minutes max. 

We'll finish up with a retrospective (of course!)

About the speaker:

Darryl Sherborne is an experienced qualified scrum master/agile coach currently working at Maru / eDR. Saints FC fan and rock/pop choir singer.

The session start off at 6.45pm with pizza and drinks to ensure we can use the full two hours, from 7.00pm - 9.00pm. Refreshments and venue kindly provided by the Ordnance Survey

This presentation is particularly designed for those with experience of using Agile methods

The Agile South Coast Group meets monthly, every second Tuesday of the month, to discuss topics about the whole Agile Experience within local technical organisations and people in the Southampton / Hampshire area.

They use differing Agile techniques to explore the space, and their aim is to spread the best practices and avoid the pitfalls of applying Agile methodologies within our professional lives.