Cyber Girls First

Friday 7 July 2017


Companies, Banks, critical infrastructure and Government Offices are under constant attack by hackers who try to break through firewalls and steal information. Companies spend Billions of Pounds defending themselves from sometimes 200,000 attacks per day by using Coding and Cyber Security graduates and apprentices.

Females make up 50% of the UK populations, yet only about 12% of the IT/coding and cyber workforce is comprised of women. CYBER GIRLS FIRST is attempting to change that by demystifying the idea that only boys can succeed in IT, yet Chief Executives of companies around the country are desperate to recruit women into their cyber departments. During WWII, more than 60% of the codebreakers at Bletchley Park were women, so why have the numbers decreased?

We are bringing in girls aged 11-14 from local schools to give them a day of IT, coding and cyber security. Why this age group? Because we hope to encourage girls to take up these subjects before they reach the age when they have to choose their two-year GCSE courses.

Part of the UK defence against cyber-attack, terrorist-attack and malicious software (known as Malware) is carried out by GCHQ and their subdivision called the National Cyber Security Centre, based at the iconic “doughnut” building in Cheltenham. Their outreach programme is called CYBER FIRST, and two of their senior people will be at the event, as will a Propulsion Engineer from the European Astrotech company ( who is a high-altitude balloon specialist.  Her balloon experiments use Raspberry Pi - the British invention used as the core for Pi-top laptops ( which will be used to teach coding and cyber during the day’s event at the Solent Campus.

Talks will be given to the girls by high-level women managers in industry and Government to encourage girls to take up this fascinating and essential career. Cyber Girls First has had great success in their earlier events across England and Wales, and are sure that this one will be equally successful.

They will receive certificates to show they have completed the course and will be given goody-bags, contributed by the university, J.P. Morgan (t-shirts for each girl and staff member), GCHQ/NCSC and Pi-Top, BCS Hampshire Branch and BCS Cybercrime Forensics Specialist group. Further sponsorship has, been provided by J.P. Morgan, Southampton Solent University, BCS Hampshire Branch and BCS Cybercrime Forensics Specialist group

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