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About BCS Health and Care

The BCS Health and Care Executive reports to the Institute’s Community Board. BCS Health and care provides a focus on the health sector both from a policy perspective and as a community.

Members of the Health and Care executive contribute to and provide leadership within the BCS public policy development around health, and engagement with the wider health and care community.

We are currently seeking nominations for the role of Treasurer.

Particular to the role, the main tasks of the Treasurer will be:

  • Prepares annual budget and potential project funding each year
  • Responsible to the Health and Care Executive for the group funds and any other appropriate financial business
  • Reports at quarterly intervals to Health and Care Executive
  • Deals with payments and receipts to and from Operational Budget and liaises with BCS where necessary
  • Notifies BCS of any forecast overspend or underspend together with (a) circumstances leading to this position and (b) proposed action plan to resolve the situation

Make a nomination

Nomination form
Role specification

Email nominations to groups@bcs.uk by 15 June 2018.

Appointment process

25 May - 15 June: Sought nominations 

  • All nominators and nominees must be a member of 1BCS Health and have a BCS Membership by 2018.
  • Nominations and nominee biographies must be submitted to groups@bcs.uk by noon on 15 June 2018.

20 June - 4 July 2018: Membership vote

  • On 20 June all members of 1BCS Health who have a BCS Membership by 15 June 2018 will be invited to vote for their preferred candidate. If only one application is received for a role, the nominee may be elected to the position by Chair approval.

 6 July 2018 - Successful candidate is announced