How Secure Are You?

BCS Consultancy SG joint event with the new Cybercrime Forensics SG and Other Groups.

Wednesday 4th March 2009, 6.00pm for 6.15pm (ends  9.30pm).

BCS London Office, First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA.


  • Peter Wood, Chief of Operations, First Base Technologies
  • Denis Edgar-Nevill, Head of the Department of Computing at Canterbury Christ Church University

How secure are your systems, your data and your identity? Hackers and organised criminal groups are using increasingly sophisticated methods to penetrate your systems, steal your information and your identity as well as those of your colleagues, customers, partners, etc. Our eminent speakers will reveal the dangers, explain how the risks can be minimised and what steps to take in the event of your clients' or your own systems and data being compromised.

Part 1   

Title: The Future of Hacking: Blended Attacks

Peter Wood The new blended attack is social engineering plus technology. Criminal hacking is no longer a purely technical activity. Today organised crime uses every combination of technical, physical and human attacks to achieve its goals. Unless organisations understand how defend against attack on every front they will be hacked.

The approach of purchasing individual "silver bullet" solutions like firewalls, IDS and IPS must be replaced by an holistic view of security embracing technology, people and physical controls. Staff awareness of social engineering is particularly weak, leaving most organisations open to abuse both remotely and in person. Physical hacks such as key loggers and web cams are increasing, yet most organisations have no way to detect them. This presentation will open your mind to these new, blended attacks and offer ideas for defending against them.

This session will describe how criminals are succeeding in stealing information, often without the victims even being aware it. Peter will call on case histories and "war stories" to illustrate each type of blended attack, and demonstrate some techniques and tools in real time on the day.

When you leave this session you will…

  1. Understand how blended attacks work
  2. Recognise where most organisations are vulnerable
  3. Know what to do to defend your organisation

Bio: Over the past fifteen years, Peter Wood has conducted numerous penetration tests for some of the largest organisations in the world. His experience in simulating attacks for these organisations has led to a unique approach combining real-world criminal methods and tools in both the social engineering and technical spheres.

Part 2

Title: Cybercrime Forensics: Bringing together New Stakeholders to Tackle Computer Crime
Speaker: Denis Edgar-Nevill

Denis Edgar-Nevill The problem of cybercrime has the potential to effect a greater number of people on Earth than any other form of criminal activity. The presentation will look at how Cybercrime Forensics has grown up as a new discipline bringing together specialists in police and law enforcement, computing, computer security, law, forensics, software/hardware development and business.

The British Computer Society has recognized its growth with the creation of the new national BCS Cybercrime Forensics SG which held its inaugural meeting in December 2008. The presentation will looking at the groups planned activities and how it can to bring together stakeholders to make a positive contribution addressing computer crime.

Bio: Denis Edgar-Nevill is Head of the Department of Computing at Canterbury Christ Church University. He was elected founding chair of the BCS Cybercrime Forensics SG in December 2008. He has more than 150 publications including the areas of cybercrime forensics, software quality and information systems. He is also founding chair of the annual International Conferences on Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training (CFET).

After the presentations there will be a Q&A Session with the opportunity to share your skills and experiences with us; and we shall end with informal discussions and networking over buffet and drinks. So join us for an informative and enjoyable evening and why not bring some of your colleagues. All are welcome. Pre-registration required.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Cost including Buffet and Vat: £11.50 for BCS, IBC & JCF members: £17.25 for non-members.

PDF fileView Denis Edgar-Nevill's presentation
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