How to get greater-than-expected financial returns from projects in shorter-than-expected timescales

BCS Consultancy Group SG joint event with other groups

Tuesday 13th April 2010, 6.00pm for 6.15pm (ends 9.30pm)

BCS London Office, First Floor, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA


"Life must be lived forwards but can only be underestood backwards"
Soren Kirkegaard

Many projects involving the introduction of new Business Processes and/or Information Technology have either been cancelled, or failed to deliver the expected benefits, while incurring runaway costs.  The topic has been the subject of much research and numerous publications. Unfortunately projects continue to fail and some have even claimed that many projects fail before they have even started.

Fortunately some projects have been very successful. This evening our two experts will explain how projects can succeed with a powerful yet easy and simple to apply method/system. Alan Fowler will show how deliberately doing different from traditional methods has produced case studies that have given greater-than-expected financial returns in shorter-than-expected timescales and Iebe Ypma will discuss some case studies. 

So, here is an opportunity for you to find out how to add to your knowledge/skills and develop your business through helping your clients to achieve repeated success.

Part 1

Title: Why Business Cases Work Better Backwards

Speaker: Alan Fowler.


Case studies using Isochron’s Dimension Four® methodology have produced particularly robust business cases for change and IT.  The approach is different - right to left and back to front.  Alan will explain the theory behind why it works - including games with time!


Alan FowlerAlan Fowler is the MD of Isochron Ltd, a small company that helps people to access the different D4 approach for large change programmes.  It holds Think Tanks three or four times a year to push forward thinking about change in business.  Alan has had a long career in Central and Local Government, large financial companies and small businesses.  For the eleven years before he set up Isochron in 2002 he worked with Ernst & Young.  He has applied the D4 techniques in, amongst other places, transformation programmes in Ernst & Young, Martin Currie Investment Management, United Utilities, British Telecommunications and Northern Ireland Water.

Alan has published research papers on Episode Theory at the International Working Conferences on Dynamic Information Systems based at Delft Technical University. With Dennis Lock he has authored “Accelerating Business and IT Change” (Gower 2006).  He is a fellow of the RSA and a member of the Social Return on Investment Network and of the Intellect Technology Group.

Part 2

Title: Isochron Dimension Four® in practice.

Speaker: Iebe Ypma, Director, Alastor Consulting


In his presentation, Iebe will attempt to bring to life the practical application of Isochron’s Dimension Four® methodology by working through a number of real case studies, based on his personal experience.


Iebe YpmaIebe has been involved with IT since joining ICL in 1972, where he worked on the core team developing ICL’s first TP monitor, PerICLes.  He then joined Unilever where he was project manager responsible for the design of all (business) procedures and all aspects of IT for the highly automated distribution centre build for Elida Gibbs near Leeds and managed the IT centre once the warehouse had been commissioned.  Iebe has managed a number of innovative projects from concept through to implementation.

In 1984 he completed his MBA at Cranfield and joined AT Kearney, then moved to Ernst & Young and more recently set up Alastor Consulting with a long standing colleague.  Alastor Consulting works with clients to ensure that they reap the benefits of business change.

Iebe is a Dutch national, born in Japan, educated in Germany, South Africa and the UK.  He has a keen interest in management and business education, having chaired the Association of MBAs and, more recently, the International Accreditation Advisory Board that sets international accreditation criteria for Business Schools.  He is also a Fellow of the RSA.

Part 3

Q&A and discussion with the opportunity for members to share their experience.

The meeting will end with a drinks buffet and networking. So, if you are seeking ways to help your clients manage and implement their projects, or have experience to share you will be very welcome to join us for an enjoyable and informative evening.

Presentation - Alan Fowler (PDF)

Presentation - Iebe Ypma (PDF)