Human Factors in Security

Wednesday 11 November 2015

6.30pm - 9.00pm

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2 7HA | Maps

BCS, CMI & IC Members £10 (+VAT @ 20%), Non-members £15 (+VAT @ 20%)

A joint event between BCS Consultancy Specialist Group and the Institute of Consulting London & SE


Security has traditionally been seen by businesses as a guarding issue and, more recently, as something also for the IT department to deal with. In reality security is a business risk and one that requires increasing skill and management leadership.

Afzal AshrafSpeaker

Afzal Ashraf of Myline Ltd has had a diverse career including the Armed Forces, the national security services and policing. He has served on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been a senior advisor to UK Counterterrorism agencies. He has worked in the FCO and other government departments.

Currently he is a security consultant with a particular capability in cyber security. He is a consultant Fellow at the Royal United Services and a visiting Fellow at Nottingham University’s Centre for Security and Terrorism. He is a frequent commentator on TV and Radio as well as a writer for the press.

Fraud, IP theft, financial crime, reputational loss, kidnappings and terrorism are just some of the security challenges facing both large and small businesses these days.  Globalisation and the internet have made these threats complex and ubiquitous. Many businesses are however unaware of the dangers they face even after their security has been compromised. The reason is that security as an issue is relegated to a facility or service management function. 

To be most effective, it needs to be understood primarily as a business risk function and managed as such by the senior leadership. To that, corporate leadership needs to understand in general terms the range of security threats they face and appreciate how these might impact on the business. They need in particular to appreciate that just as the flow of information needs as careful high-level management attention as does the flow of money.

Topics will include:

Understanding the range of threats corporations face and their evolving nature:

  • Cyber,
  • Non-cyber and
  • Cyber-related threats
  • Challenges of terrorism, kidnapping and insider threats

The objective is to create a wider appreciation of security as a business risk and stimulate discussion on the changes necessary in business culture to more effectively manage the emerging threat.

Professional networking opportunities will be available before and after the event.