How to Sell Yourself without Selling

Wednesday 24 February 2016

6.30pm - 9.00pm

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2 7HA | Maps

BCS, CMI & IC Members £10 (+VAT @ 20%), Non-members £15 (+VAT @ 20%)

Dexter Moscow

A joint event between BCS Consultancy Specialist Group and the Institute of Consulting


In this challenging economic environment, speaking at networking events, conferences and seminars offers an unrivalled opportunity to stand out from the crowd and attract more clients to your business.

Where else do you get the chance to talk to a room full of prospects?

However, although packed full of potential, these opportunities don’t always deliver.

People are disappointed by the results of their talks, returning to their office with little to show for the time, money and effort they’ve put into preparing for the event.

My goal is to help people to maximise the return from their professional speaking engagements.

I’ve developed a proven presentation creation process that’s helped generate scores of new business opportunities, gain buy-in for new ideas and sold £millions worth of products on TV.

This workshop will help attendees identify exactly what their audience wants and then deliver it in a way that not only feels natural and comfortable but ends with a line of people queuing up for more.

During this 45 minute interactive workshop attendees will learn processes and frameworks that will help them to be more persuasive and influential:

1. Gain insights into the role of influence in presentations
2. Consider what content has the greatest positive impact on their audience
3. Enable the delegates to think about their presentation openings and how to make them so engaging that they’ll have their audience hooked.

About Dexter Moscow

Dexter’s experience has been gained working and coaching at the highest levels in Finance, Property, Advertising, Sales, and the Entertainment industry.

Through his association with Reed International, the Dale Carnegie organisation and his live appearances, presenting and selling £millions worth of products for major brands on QVC The Shopping Channel, Dexter formed his unique approach to corporate communication, selling and influencing.

As a business coach, those working 1-2-1 with him attending his presentations and sales courses have gained heightened communication abilities, new insights and increased confidence in ‘selling’, themselves and their business proposition.

'The keys to our personal, financial and company success are in our ability to positively influence others to take the action we require them to take. Today it is not enough to be an expert at what we do - we have to be able to engage others with power and impact. We have to be Master Influencers.'


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