Establishing a new way forward for the consulting profession

Thursday 23 March 2016

6.00pm Reception,
Event starts promptly at 6.30pm
The event concludes at 9.00pm. 

BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2 7HA | Maps

BCS, CMI & IC Members £10 (+VAT @ 20%), Non-members £15 (+VAT @ 20%)

This is a joint event between the BCS Consultancy SG and the Institute of Consulting London & SE.

Bruce Garvey, co-founder of Strategy Foresight Ltd


Using collaboration and sharing to build a new, unique and compelling Collaborative Association for Professional Management Consultants and Technology Consultants.

The Collaborative Association of Professional Management and Technology Consultants is the next event in our successful “Master” series of interactive sessions on techniques for building consulting business.

In this event, attendees will work together to define what a Collaborative Association of Professional Management and Technology Consultants that helps them to be more effective and efficient might look like.  In addition, at least 4 less well known ways that some successful professional management consultants are already using to find or generate opportunities will be revealed.


Bruce Garvey is co-founder of Strategy Foresight Ltd., which uses innovative combinations of technology to structure solutions for handling highly complex and interconnected problems under conditions of uncertainty. Bruce has 40 years experience in major corporate and SME sectors across a range of roles including senior business executive, company director (and non-executive), adviser and consultant. Currently Bruce is completing a Ph.D. at Imperial College London on problem structuring and decision support methods and is published in this field.

Independent consultants and small consulting businesses are usually hungry for ways that will make it easier for them to find and deliver paid work to their clients.  Although there are a number of very good associations in the UK that cater for some of the needs of professional consultants (such as providing them with training and professional development opportunities), there seems to be a need for an Association that helps individual consultants and small consulting businesses to develop. 

This interactive event will give interested participants the opportunity to define what they would like from a collaborative association of professional management and technology consultants and to outline how it would be introduced. Early conversations have revealed interest in an association that helps consultants to:

  • Find or generate more opportunities for more work more easily
  • Collaborate more closely with other like minded professionals (‘I’ll be there for you if you’ll be there for me’.)
  • Be the source of both the best transformational ideas in the industry and the expertise to introduce them to UK plc
  • Capitalise on leading management research from premier universities and blue chip business schools
  • Be the first port of call for people who are considering a career in consulting.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to learn a highly credible, leading edge consulting technique to define what this community might look like and then to have the option of using this technique with their clients. Three further techniques that professional management consultants might use to find or generate opportunities will also be introduced. There will be opportunities to be part of the development, introduction and growth of the community - we are currently canvassing expressions of interest.

A case study demonstrating how such a community helped one consultant to effortlessly generate 3 opportunities in one evening will be presented.

Professional networking opportunities will be available before and after the event.